Credit: Chris Mitchell/CME 3000 via Flickr Photo: Sheree Whitfield at the After-Party for the 2011 Soul Train Awards

Chateau Sheree just isn’t off to a good start, is it?

Amidst reports that Sheree Whitfield’s new house is still just a patch of dirt somewhere in Atlanta, we’ve now learned that her “contractor” (yes, the man Phaedra Parks neighed at) isn’t really a contractor at all!

Seriously, how does Sheree find all of these shady people?

According to Tamara Tattles, Sheree’s contractor, Andrew Washington, has received a cease and desist order because he’s been practicing as an architect without the proper license, by falsifying architectural seals on blueprints.

In other words, Andrew is not a licensed contractor or architect in the state of Georgia. Instead, he’s likely just another random character hired by Bravo to make things more interesting.

Poor Sheree just can’t catch a break!

Source: Tamara Tattles