During the Season 5 premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we were scratching our heads as Cynthia Bailey and her ex, Leon Robinson, argued about their daughter Noelle’s decision to be homeschooled.

Cynthia and her current husband, Peter, said that school made Noelle “sad,” so they decided she would be homeschooled, but Leon argued that it was important for his daughter to attend school and be around kids her own age.

Yet when Cynthia summoned her daughter to help defend her decision to homeschool, Noelle had a change of heart and revealed that she’d rather go to the local school with her friends.

@wwwjustLeon ain't having it & @NoelleRobinson sold me out! She is back in school,” Cynthia tweeted on Nov. 4.

Looks like Leon won this round! What do you think of Noelle’s choice to go back to school?