Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Porsha Stewart may be going through a divorce, but you won't find her moping on her couch eating a pint of ice cream. Like any strong Southern woman, Porsha is fighting the blues with a good old-fashioned workout at the gym!

Credit: Instagram

The Georgia Peach took to Instagram to share her motivation, writing, "Lets Get It Chicas !!! #fit4dasummer #killemwitfitness Excellent ab workout & toned back!" alongside a pic of herself doing a plank into a downward dog position.

We're tired just looking at her exercise! Porsha mentioned that this move is for the abs and back, but how about those super toned arms? Even Madonna would be impressed with that tricep and bicep definition. Seriously, where is Porsha's workout DVD?

Now that Porsha is a free agent, there's gonna be a line of fellas a football-field long trying to get her number … especially now that bikini season is officially here. It looks like Kordell is going to be the one to end up with Ben & Jerry's on the sofa.

Are you impressed with Porsha's fit bod?