Credit: Talking With Tami Photo: Sweetie! We Missed You

About a year ago, we told you that Kim Zolciak had fired her longtime assistant and friend, Sweetie Hughes, but nobody really knew why.

While Kim and Sweetie are now as tight as ever (Sweets is even on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta), Straight From the A interviewed Sweetie many months ago, and she finally opened up about why Kim let her go.

Sweetie tells Straight From the A’s Atlien, “To be honest, I really don’t even know … I guess it was just spur of the moment.”

Sweetie continues, “I don’t want to bash nobody. The one thing I have is loyalty. A lot of people don’t have that and that’s the one thing I have.”

However, Sweetie eventually decided to open up a bit more and revealed that she’d actually wanted to quit for some time to focus on school, but agreed to stay on until Kim found a new assistant.

Credit: Straight From the A Photo: Sweetie Hughes Explains Why Kim Zolciak Fired Her

After going back and forth for several months, Sweetie says Kim ultimately decided to tell her she was fired as she was on her way to work! 

“Did she call me and while I was on my way to work to say not to come in to work or ‘its not gonna work out’? Yeah she did but I been asking for that about a year ago.”

Sweetie remained coy about the rumors that she had a rift with Kim’s husband Kroy, only saying that he was “cool.”

Yet the one thing that Sweetie adamantly denied is that she ever stole from Kim. She says, “That sh*t is crazy! Do you know how much money I handled for Kim. As her assistant I had bank account access and all that … something that other assistants never had the opportunity to get that far … so as far as loyalty it’s been very high.”

Things got dicey between the two of them for sure, but we're glad that they've since patched things up and now we get to see the dynamic duo on TV again.

Do you think Sweetie made the right choice by going back to work for Kim? Sound off below!

Source: Straight From the A