Credit: Doug Meszler / Splash News Photo: Teresa Giudice with Flowers

For those Real Housewives of New Jersey fans that have missed seeing Teresa Giudice on television for the past few months, we’re happy to report that the Teresa dry spell is almost over, since the popular housewife wife is a contestant on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, premiering on February 19.

In an interview with the Associated Press Teresa said the boardroom was “pretty stressful”, but also insisted that Celebrity Apprentice was “like a breath of fresh air” compared to RHoNJ.

As for Season 4 of the Bravo reality show, Teresa says, “You’re going to have to watch Season 4 and tune in. This one, I have to say, tops the cake.”

Teresa continues, “[It’s] very sad, an eye opener. Let me just tell you, when you think you know someone, an eye opener.”

Based on these tidbits, it sounds like Season 4 is loaded with catfights. Watch the rest of Teresa’s interview below.

Credit: Youtube Photo: Teresa Giudice Says Season 4 of RHoNJ Is Very Sad