Credit: Uptown Magazine Photo: Cynthia Bailey Covers Uptown Magazine's Wedding Issue

On the Show

In this week's episode, entitled "Flamingo Road Block," the poop hit the fan like whoa. After much anticipation, NeNe and Kim had their epic battle aboard the tour bus from hell. And, wowzers, it was worth the wait, people. In other news, Cynthia freaked out over Peter closing Uptown and putting her dino-dream wedding in jeopardy, Phaedra and Apollo dealt with the responsibilities of parenting, Shereé asked her kids if they were gonna miss her like a dozen times, and Kandi refereed Kim and NeNe ring-side. Good times! Read the full recap here.

On the News

Cynthia blogged that she's actually pretty happy that Uptown Supper Club is no longer, and that there's lots of love between her and Peter. Ironically, Cynthia also appeared on the cover of Uptown magazine in her gorgeous wedding gown. Peter, by the way, admitted to enjoying the Housewives hoopla (don't we all?), and gushed that he couldn't "wait ‘til you guys see my beautiful wife walk down the aisle." Awww!

In other blogging news, Kandi wrote that she knew Kim and NeNe's "friendship" wouldn't last long. She also thinks the other housewives' prudish stance when it comes to sex was nothing more than an act for the cameras. Um, no kidding on both accounts. Best of all, Kandi shared all sorts of juicy info with us regarding Kim and NeNe, the music industry, and her struggle to maintain relationships. Read our exclusive interview with the saucy singer here!

Shereé had a whole lot of nothing going on in this week's episode, as well as a whole lot of nothing going on in the news. Of course, sometimes, that can be a good thing. The actress did have her cameo on BET's The Game, however, which was about three seconds long, but didn't stop her fans from sounding off on Facebook.

Meanwhile, honorary "housewife," Dwight Eubanks, seems to have gotten himself evicted from his atrocious palace... or so it appears.

Now that Kim and Phaedra are suddenly besties, Phae-Phae is all about throwing Kim a baby shower. Let's hope she doesn't hire ballerinas this time, because that was just weird. In further surprising Phaedra news, she actually did attend law school, pass the bar, and has even received various awards praising her work. Most shocking of all, Pheadra pulled the number-one spot on our Power Rankings this week. Yep, the world has officially lost its mind.

Following the airing of the biggest housewife fight, like, ever (click here for an instant replay!), NeNe apologized for her behavior by continuing to insult Kim and insist she was right. Um, OK. She then expressed how miffed she is at Bravo and how this may be her last season. Say it ain't so!

That wraps it up for this extra emotional Week in Review. Join us next Friday for another boughetto-splashed edition of the Hotlanta housewives' weekly round-up.