Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the Hotlanta ladies' mouths. Here’s our countdown of the Top 10 Quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 3.11: "Contract Player."

10. Kim: I'm probably a better dancer than I am a singer.
Um, you're probably a better anything than you are a singer.

9. Phaedra, on Cynthia gossiping: Why is she all up in my Kool-Aid?
Gotta side with Phaedra on this one... there's a first for everything!

8. NeNe, on Cynthia's girl-crush: No, Kim, she can't spread s%#* for me, what am I gonna do with it?
Kim'll give ya some tips!

7. Phaedra, on Kim's "head nurse" claim: Just because you strip in a nurse's office does not make you a nurse.
Likewise, just because Dwight wears butler suits, that does not make him Mr. Belvedere.

6. NeNe, on Cynthia's "Friend Contract": I love Cynthia, but we're not 15 and this is just so silly. This is definitely some single black female s%#*.
Better have her lawyer look over that contract...

5. Kim, on "Friend Contracts": I had a damn marriage, one I couldn't get the hell out of. I sure as hell ain't gonna sign a friend one.
Amen, sister!

4. NeNe, on waiting for Shereé's entrance: I could have sat in the car and finished my glass of wine.
So, NeNe does have a wine bar in her trunk... we knew it!

3. Kim, on Cynthia in general: I don't know her that well... and I'm grateful for that.
At least the girl is honest.

2. Phaedra, on more Kim bashin': If Miss Kim was a nurse, I guess that's one of those mail-order degrees that you can get for $59.
Maybe Kim and Tiy-E graduated together!

1. Kim, on her new boy-toy Kroy: He just came out of the womb, bitch. He's probably Phaedra's son. I knew she was having a grown-ass man out of that va-jay-jay.
Not gonna lie... hilarious.

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