Credit: Bravo Photo: NeNe Leakes on Cynthia's Life Choices

Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the Hotlanta ladies' mouths. Here’s our countdown of the Top 10 Quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3, Episode 15: "Floridon't."

10. Sweetie: Slaves don't get paid. Dumb ass.
Nice. You know who else doesn't get paid? Interns.

9. Thomas Kramer, on NeNe: I've known her since two minutes and that's pretty much enough.
Despite his stuffed childhood dog weirdness, we kinda liked this guy.

8. Shereé: I don't know if Cynthia would have worked as a model for She by Shereé because my sample sizes were 4s and 6s. That booty is clearly a 12.
Are we still pretending you had a real fashion line?

7. NeNe: Cynthia's turned out to be a really cool friend, unlike the rest of these bitches.
That friendship contract's starting to look like a good idea, after all, huh?

6. Phaedra: It's sort of disturbing because we came down here to have the bachelorette party and we've got strippers on deck, so I don't want to waste a fun night of entertainment.
Who cares if Cynthia's marriage is falling apart before they even get started... we got strippers coming!

5. NeNe, on Cynthia: Didn't know she had so much butt back there. I was like, alrighty then, Cynthia, you've got some junk in the trunk, sister. Work it on out.
This isn't exactly a compliment in the modeling world, NeNe.

4. Phaedra: Cynthia might be a model, but in that swimsuit she's looking like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese.

3. Kim: I wanna still see some strippers and some penis, so...
Finally, something Kim and Phaedra can agree on.

2. Kim: I mean Phaedra does have an entertainment law practice, I just didn't know it was adult entertainment.
We didn't see you complaining during your lap dance.

1. Phaedra, on Lawrence: He loves lipstick, he loves heels, and he might even love panties, but he still has a penis, so that makes him a man.
Fair enough.

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