Credit: Bravo Photo: Sheree Whitfield, Cynthia Bailey, and NeNe Leakes on the Reunion Special

Another episode means another week of trying to narrow down the multitude of ridiculousness coming out of the ATL ladies' mouths. Here’s our countdown of the top 10 quotes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 3 Reunion, Part 2.

10. Kim: Anybody can father a child, but it takes somebody pretty special to be a dad.
Huh, who knew there was wisdom under that weave?

9. Shereé: We have not shot the movie yet. As a matter of fact, I think they're still working on funding for that movie.
Oh, boo, is there no end to your delusions?

8. Kim: Sitting there talking about getting peed on and stuff, I don't know, it kinda freaked me out... Call me crazy, but I was just kinda like, oh wow.
Drop the act already, Kim, we know your freak number is off the charts!

7. NeNe, on Brice having a kid: I heard that, too, but you would have to ask him because that's his personal life.
Sorry, we thought grandparents were usually in on this type of information.

6. Cynthia, on resolving Kandi and Kim's business dramz: I'm gonna do the contract, I'm gonna make a friend contract!
Are you a terrible singer who owes me big time, circle "Yes" or "No."

5. NeNe, to Kim: When I touch you, you will know about it, victim.
Yeah, that's not verbally abusive at all.

4. Phaedra, on Kim's singing talent: I think she is not a vocalist, we know that. This woman has some curb appeal.
Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!

3. Kim: You get up in somebody's face and... :::makes barking noises:::. ...that's what NeNe does.
Wow, spot-on impression! Seriously.

2. Shereé, on always having Lawrence: I will... but Lawrence can't clean these pipes.
Just a tip: Stop referring to your love life as routine plumbing.

1. Phaedra: I am in the process of attempting to purchase a funeral home... those clients don't complain.
Phae-Phae manages to squeeze in one final WTF surprise.

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