Credit: Photo: Marlo Hampton and Derek J Get Silly in the Photobooth at Their 2012 MLK Weekend Party

If we learned anything during The Real Housewives of Atlanta's trip to South Africa, it's that Marlo Hampton is one crazy woman. Here are our top 5 most ridiculous Marlo moments...

5. Disco Safari

Obviously, stiletto heels and sparkly disco-ball pants is the perfect outfit for a safari, right? Um, no.

4. Housekeeping Schedules

What, doesn't everyone demand a copy of the housekeeper's schedules upon checking into a hotel? At least Marlo didn't insist on obtaining their Social Security numbers.

3. Shoes on Parade

What's crazier than bringing 29 pairs of shoes on a 10-day vacation, consisting mostly of safari and wilderness fun? Displaying said shoes around your suite like it's some sort of footwear museum.

2. Hair and Makeup!

There are giraffes and elephants and antelope out there — Marlo simply can't step outside without the help of a hair and makeup person. A woman's got to look her best!

1. The "F" Word Incident

"What's that, now you are inviting me to your party? In that case, I'll RSVP by calling you ugly and aiming homophobic slurs at your friends."