Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Ariana and Kim Zolciak Watch a Falcons Game

As lifelong residents of a tornado-free area of the East Coast, we were unaware that our Housewives down in Atlanta had to deal with twisters on the regular, but apparently they do!

Our beloved Kim Zolciak had a frightening afternoon today when a tornado warning and severe weather conditions prevented her from picking her daughters up from school. She explained via Twitter, “This weather is Atlanta is serious! Just got an email from Ariana’s school stating we can NOT pick up our kids due to the weather! Ummm!!!!”

But not even a tornado could stop this mama bear from reaching her kids. She later tweeted at her daughter Brielle, “Keep in touch with me! I'm coming for u!”

And of course she was successful, natch, later updating all of her followers to let them know that all was well in the Zolciak-Biermann household.

Even natural disasters won’t deter our girl Kimmie!