Credit: Photo via Facebook Photo: Sheree Whitfield is Ravishing in Red
Times are tough for Real Housewife of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield. She's just had her Aston Martin seized to pay off legal dues from her divorce lawyer, and the Private Investigator who snooped on her husband before they got the divorce is trying to have her wages from Bravo garnished to pay off her debts to him. Well, maybe if Sheree's lawyer and PI had done a better job in building Sheree's case against her husband, ex-NFL star Bob Whitfield, they wouldn't find themselves hounding her for money. Sheree reportedly asked for a 7-figure divorce settlement, but didn't win. Not that she would have forked over the money, even if she had it. Just don't screw over every lawyer you hire to defend you against your last one, Sheree. It's bad business.

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