Out of all the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak seems to have undergone the most dramatic transformation. From her start on Season 1 to her early departure from Season 5, one second she was chain smoking and swigging wine, and the next second she was married with two brand new baby boys.

Actually, her engagement to NFL player Kroy Biermann, their wedding, and the birth of KJ happened so fast, some people can't help wondering if the little guy was conceived pre-nuptials.

When a couple of her followers presented the theory on Twitter, Kim was quick to shoot them down.

"@abbeysparkle @bravoandy nice try I got married 11/11/11 and gave birth 8/15/12 hunni," Kim pointed out.

Some math work proves that, no, Kim was not in fact tardy at her wedding … but the couple definitely didn't waste much time starting their family.