We thought Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes were cool with each other, but The Real Housewife of Atlanta has once again reminded us that hell hath no fury like a NeNe scorned.

Wendy made a dig at NeNe and Gregg's relationship, urging The New Normal star to fire back, "@WendyWilliams don't know SHIT about my relationship! Have u ever seen her and Kevin kiss? Yuck."

When it comes to comebacks, this one falls a bit into the seventh grade category, but NeNe certainly gets her point across.

Earlier this year, Wendy had NeNe and Gregg on her show and presented them with underwear, then sent them a shout-out on Twitter, writing, "Congrats to @neneleakes and Gregg on your engagement! Wishing you both all the best. Xo." So far, so good, right?

So what did Wendy say to make NeNe's claws come out? According to The YBF, Wendy thinks that NeNe and Gregg have no chemistry and that their 'ship is really just a friendship with business benefits. What's more, Wendy says NeNe better skip the televised wedding because everyone would know it would be a lie. Ouch!

Do you think Wendy Williams crossed the line?

Source: The YBF