Kandi Burruss may have a rockin’ Donkey Booty, but other than her workout regime, we have no idea how she stays so fit.

However, part of the mystery was revealed when she Instagrammed some mouth-watering food porn a few days ago — and not-so-surprisingly, it didn’t include any actual candy.

Credit: Instagram Photo: What Does Kandi Burruss Eat?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star lived up to her title, making an incredible homemade meal of crab-stuffed tilapia, yellow rice, brussels sprouts, and honey-glazed croissants! Sadly, this home-cooked meal was only for herself — her fiancé, Todd Tucker, apparently wasn’t home that night and she had to wrap up his plate. Aww.

The only thing relatively unhealthy about her meal is the croissant, but it’s small, so it doesn’t really count. Is butter a carb?

Are you surprised at Kandi’s “diet,” or does it look about right? Sound off below!