Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Apollo Nida Models For The Bailey Agency

Phaedra Parks has a myriad of jobs — mom, funeral director, lawyer, Donkey Booty expert, and more — but what does her adorable hubby, Apollo, do to earn his keep?

When we first met Apollo a few seasons ago, he worked as a repo man, but as Phaedra told the Huffington Post, he has now stepped up his game and put his flawless physique to good use.

“He’s a certified trainer and nutritionist,” she spilled. “He doesn’t train at any gyms, he trains with people that he likes.”

And Apollo is even using his expertise to benefit the Phine Body empire. “We’re actually going on tour and he’s starting to do our workout in gyms throughout Atlanta on specified days,” Phaedra explained. “He doesn’t just sit at the gym and train all day.”

Are you surprised that Apollo had a major career change? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Huffington Post