We've heard Star Jones tooting the American Heart Association's horn for weeks now (that's the charity she chose to rep on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, after bypass surgery saved her life), but since Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes has yet to be nominated as team leader, we haven't heard much about the charity she's supporting.

Any funds NeNe wins on behalf of her team will be donated to the Atlanta Mission in support of one of their sub-organizations called My Sister's House. This organization specifically provides refuge for homeless and abused women and children of Atlanta.

So how did NeNe first get involved? Several of the Hotlanta Housewives took a field trip to My Sister's House to volunteer their time and meet some of the residents. NeNe found herself particularly affected by the experience, so she chose My Sister's House as her charity when chosen to compete on Celebrity Apprentice 4.

Funds raised will provide assistance in feeding, mentoring, educating, and encouraging those seeking help through the organization, along with helping to educate the community about what leads to homelessness, thereby reducing the stigma homeless children face.

Good luck, NeNe!

Source: Current Movie Reviews