Credit: Bravo Photo: NeNe Leakes on the RHoA Reunion Special

NeNe Leakes visited Wendy Williams this week to discuss quitting Celebrity Apprentice, but she made the crucial mistake of gossiping with Wendy about her love life backstage. Of course, The Weave Factory brought up their private discussion in front of the audience and, after much eye-rolling from NeNe, Wendy leaked a few deets on NeNe's new man.

Apparently, he's very rich and shorter than the Hotlanta Housewife (although, she is 5'10" and rocks stripper heels on the daily, so he's probably not all that short), and she's very happy with him. She and Gregg are still legally married, but they're wrapping up divorce proceedings, and NeNe promised Wendy that, no matter what Gregg wanted, he wouldn't be getting a dime of hers. Good for you, NeNe!

Now, back to the matter at hand: Who is NeNe's new boyfriend? She's been rumored to be dating Chicago Bears player Charles Grant, but both camps have vehemently denied any involvement with each other. Obviously, we're rooting for Anderson Cooper, considering his and NeNe's long-time, Andy Cohen-moderated flirtlationship, but something tells us we're off the mark, there.

Do you think he's an Atlanta man, a Miami guy (where NeNe's rumored to be moving to start up a talk show of her own) or an L.A. guy (where NeNe's rumored to be moving to revamp her career)?  Either way, we think it's pretty safe to assume it isn't Star Jones' ex-hubby, Al Reynolds.

Source: The YBF