Credit: Photo via Instagram Photo: Porsha Stewart May Be Pregnant!

Porsha Stewart is very open about her utter love for and devotion to her stepson, Syre, but we’re about halfway through Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and have yet to see the little guy make an appearance. What gives?!

During an interview with The Bravo Bitch, Porsha revealed why she and Kordell decided to keep Syre away from the Bravo cameras. “As adults we made the decision to join [RHoA] but he’s a child and can’t say for himself what is best for him,” she explains. “We just want to let him enjoy his childhood.”

Aww! We’ve got to admit that we’re bummed we won’t be seeing that cutie on camera, but we also applaud Kordell and Porsha for putting Syre’s needs above their own. And hey — maybe there will be another kiddo in their household soon enough.

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SourceThe Bravo Bitch