Credit: Demis Maryannakis / Splash News Photo: Cynthia Bailey Bares All

Cynthia Bailey is an expert model, no doubt, but her first foray into the pageant world started off bumpy, to say the least. Granted, we haven’t actually seen the pageant take place yet, but if Cynthia’s endearing lack of knowledge about the subject is any indication, we’re predicting at least one disaster. 

Cynthia was utterly clueless about what to charge, how to find contestants, and pretty much everything else beauty queen related, but she did make the smart decision to enlist the help of King of the Crown star, Cyrus Frakes. While we still don’t know why she didn’t ask former Miss U.S.A. Kenya Moore for some help, Cyn seemed confident with Cy by her side.

But pageants are serious business (especially down south), so would you really enter your little princess in one of Cynthia’s soirees, or would you prefer a more prestigious pageant? Tell us your thoughts below!