Credit: Dan Harr/Splash News Photo: NeNe Leakes at the “Real Housewives Live” Tour on October 15, 2011

There’s a new Big Poppa this season but, for once, Kim Zolciak isn’t involved.

Celebrity Apprentice dropout NeNe Leakes is puting Big Poppa to shame as she throws around money faster than she can down a glass of pinot. This week, Atlanta’s resident loudmouth had her eye on a $9 million Miami house.

Um, where is she getting all this cash money?

While it is likely that NeNe was paid some money for appearing on Celebrity Apprentice, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near $9 million. It’s also worth pointing out that any money NeNe won from the tasks on the show was to go directly to her charity. Now, we know Donald Trump is totally loaded, but we doubt he’s just handing out moneybags to angry housewives!

Thankfully, Kandi Burruss also had her suspicions, but Cynthia Bailey (oh, clueless Cynthia) was already eyeing the guestroom.

To her credit , NeNe does have her new Famous Famiglia restaurant in the Sacramento airport, but we doubt she’s selling $9 million worth of peperoni pizza.

What do you think: Can NeNe afford a $9 million house?

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