Credit: John Amis/Bravo © 2011 NBCUniversal, Inc.

All season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we watched Famous Famiglia founder John Kolaj fall all over himself to win the heart of NeNe Leakes. He showered her with expensive gifts like pens from Tiffany's and gorgeous Louboutin shoes, and even had her serenaded by a world-famous opera singer.

Naturally, NeNe graciously accepted his generous donations, while subtly skirting around his physical advances. After all, what sane woman would turn down an amazing pair of shoes?

That being said, maybe John's last gift — the grand finale of gifts, if you will — was a bit much. Even NeNe was taken aback by the beautiful Rolex watch, which rings in at about $30,000, by the way.

For a second, we thought NeNe might turn to John and regretfully tell him she can't accept such an extravagant token of his affection. She even confided to the cameras that the whole thing felt a bit weird.

Instead, NeNe admired the watch on her wrist and gleefully shouted, "Bling, bling, bling!" So much for using caution.

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