We know that Kim Zolciak’s new home is going to be the envy of Atlanta, but she just made us even more jealous. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star let it slip a few months ago that her house has not one, not two, but many fireplaces.

When Kimmie remarked during a visit to the new abode that it was very cold, a Twitter follower asked her if she had any fireplaces and suggested she snuggle by one if she did. Kim tweeted back, “8 [fireplaces], but our house isn't close to being finished!”

While Kim mentioned that her house has a while to go before it’s complete, the good news is that she’ll be super warm next winter in the freezing tundra that is Atlanta (not!) with all those fires going. And just think about how quickly she can dry all of her wigs — they can each have their own fire!

Are you surprised that Kim has eight fireplaces in her house? Tell us below!