Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Ariana and Kim Zolciak Watch a Falcons Game

Kim Zolciak is a busy mom of four, and she’s always on the go. For years, the hardworking housewife has relied on her trusted BlackBerry to keep her connected to her loved ones, but recently Kimmie made a big change — she traded in her BlackBerry for an iPhone!

Hold up!!! Hubby is online buying us the iphone! I'm having anxiety! I'm addicted to my Blackberry!!!!!!!” she tweeted last night.

And even though Kim was tentative about saying bye to the Berry, something about the iPhone piqued her interest. She later added, “Yummy they have a gold iphone 5!! That's more of an incentive! :).”

Naturally, someone as fabulous as Kim needs a gold phone. But even when the flashy new product was purchased, she did have a tiny wave of remorse, tweeting, “Done! Purchased!!!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!! #ripblackberry.”

We can’t be sure that Kim actually picked up the gold iPhone — which retails for tens of thousands of dollars — but if she did, do you think it’s a necessary purchase? Vote below!