Kenya Moore: “I Have Several Guns and I Know How to Use Them Well” (VIDEO)

Credit: AOL

We never quite pictured Kenya Moore as the gun-toting beauty queen type, but apparently the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is packing heat on a regular basis. Who knew?!

“I have several guns and I know how to use them well,” the former Miss USA winner told TMZ in the video above which was shot in Los Angeles earlier this week. In fact, Kenya dished that she recently applied for a permit to obtain another weapon. “I just recently applied to carry a gun in my car just because of the crazy stuff that happens around you constantly,” she reasoned.

Why this talk about guns all of the sudden? Turns out the state of Georgia just passed a new Safe Carry Protection Act — which makes it legal to carry guns into all kinds of dangerous places such as  libraries, schools, churches, and bars.

Despite owning several guns for her own protection (her African prince is very far away!) Kenya made it clear that firearms don’t belong in places like bars. “I think that it’s necessary but I don’t think in a bar,” she explained. “It’s pretty dangerous to mix alcohol with guns. I think that’s a dangerous combination, but in Georgia you have the right to bear arms. I can just see a whole bunch of rednecks in the bars,” she said with a laugh.

Kenya said that she won’t be bringing any of her guns to public places, but she does have a spot picked out for her newest piece. “It’ll be in my car,” she remarked. Dang, we were wary of getting on Kenya’s badside before, but now we’ll make sure to be on our best behavior if we ever find ourselves in the presence of this twirling diva!

Are you surprised that Kenya has guns, or do you think weapons are necessary for a woman living alone in Atlanta? Watch the video above and tell us your thoughts!

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