Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Power Rankings For Season 3, Episode 10
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Power Rankings For Season 3, Episode 10

Who’s livin’ large, and who’s been relegated to the pool house? We rank The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for Season 3, Episode 10: “Home Is Where the Art Is” in our weekly Power Rankings. Let the countdown begin!

Ranking: 8 (out of 8)
Last week: 8 (out of 8)
Here’s why: Another week, another last-place appearance by Taylor. We’ll go ahead and say that the Moroccan restaurant was not Taylor’s finest hour, given those jabs she made about Yolanda’s husband. But we were impressed with the kind words Taylor gave Marisa about her marriage at the gallery. So Taylor complimented one marriage and insulted another we suppose that balances out, right?

Ranking: 7
Last week: 7
Here’s why: Kyle was back to her hilarious self at the art gallery, and it was cute to see her connection with Paris Hilton. But she won’t be able to move higher on the list until the ugliness of the Moroccan restaurant is in the past. Fingers crossed for next week!

Ranking: 6
Last week: 3
Here’s why: We suppose it’s nice to see Mauricio and Kim agree on something at the Moroccan restaurant, even if it’s in the process of bashing Brandi. And we’re not really sure what to make of Kim’s session with her psychic and those future grandkids. Perhaps Kim should stock up on packages of socks now, since we all know grandmas love giving socks to their grandchildren on any and every gift-giving occasion.

Ranking: 5
Last week: N/A
Here’s why: We didn’t see much from her this week, other than the uneventful meet-up at Kyle’s home. And it was nice that Adrienne claims she’s ready to move forward with Brandi, but we’re not holding our breath. Oh, and note to self: Never serve Paul fruit before dinner. Just don’t do it.

Ranking: 4
Last Week: 6
Here’s why: Brandi shows an ability to laugh during tough times like when she makes that joke on the phone to Kyle about how Mauricio should cherish the first time he was cussed out which we appreciate. But maybe Brandi should try toning down her need to interfere in Marisa’s marriage? Just a thought.

Ranking: 3
Last week: 4
Here’s why: We don’t have high hopes for Brandi and Marisa’s friendship, but we still give Marisa credit for reaching out to Brandi to have dinner with her. In the future, though, she might want to rethink making heavy complaints about her marriage during idle chit-chat at an art gallery party with people she barely knows.

Ranking: 2
Last week: 1
Here’s why: Lisa came quite close to retaining the top spot for two weeks in a row, but she could have been a bit more receptive of Mauricio’s effort to make nice. Otherwise, she was a hoot at the gallery take your hands out of your pockets, Ken! and her telling Ken that she wanted him to push her in that swing was adorable. When do we get a push in that swing, Ken?

Ranking: 1
Last week: 5
Here’s why: It’s Yolanda’s first time ever in the top slot! Okay, so maybe she should keep her thoughts to herself on her moving crew’s English skills. However, it was adorable that Yolanda and Mohamed are still tight, and that piggyback ride Gigi gave her was too cute. Plus, the next time we need someone to haggle for us over a piece of artwork, we know who to call!