Credit: WENN Photo: Camille and Kelsey Grammer Hug Daughter Mason Grammer
Remember how we told you Camille Grammer locked down a solid $50M in her divorce from Kelsey?

Well the truth is out: Camille was originally only offered $30 million — but managed to pull in another $20 mil because Kelsey wasn’t giving child support or alimony in the first offer.

"She rejected an offer from Kelsey just before Christmas. He wasn't offering child support or alimony, and told her through his lawyers that she'd get enough in the settlement,” one source says. But Camille is a partner in Kelsey’s TV company, so she was technically entitled to half the earnings. So, she decided to push for more because well, she deserved it. But there was anothe rmotive there, too: She was “sick” of Grammer “parading around” his new gf/fiance, Kayte Walsh.

The same source says while Camille wants the divorce shizz finalized, too, she doesn’t appreciate Kayte Walsh walking around all smug.  "She has accepted their marriage is over and that he wants to marry Kayte in January. Camille wants it all over, too. But what she can't accept is how he's parading around Kayte, who looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Their public make-out sessions are really insensitive because of their kids,” the source says.

Poor Grammer kids! It seems like Camille’s using them as a pawn for money and to make Kelsey feel guilty.

Cammy’s jealousy is totes natural....but the leave the kids alone, please!

Source: NY Post