You'd think that the people working on the international versions of Real Housewives would be grateful to the U.S. version for paving the way. You'd be wrong.

Israel currently has its own version of the show, called Me’usharot, and the show's director is slamming the American versions, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Director Orna Ben Dor tells Israeli website Walla! that she "loathes" the U.S. versions, criticizing their willingness “to expose it all  without any hesitations." Uh, but isn't that the main reason to watch the show? Just sayin'.

As you may have guessed, Bravo honcho Andy Cohen wasted no time in responding to Orna's harsh words.

“Obviously if there wasn't an American version, she wouldn't be working on an Israeli version,” he says. 

“The great thing about the Housewives is that people have an opinion about them one way or another," Andy adds. "We don't cast wallflowers." You can say that again.

Andy admits that "some aspects of the culture portrayed are shallow, but then as you get into them, you realize that these are women with full, strong lives and personas of their own who are more relatable than you think." You tell 'em, Andy!

Can't all the people employed by the various forms of Real Housewives just get along?

Source: Hollywood Reporter