Credit: Twitter

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is dealing with sad news as her dog Chica has gone missing.

Brandi took to Twitter on the evening of June 6 to announce that she was offering a reward for anyone who finds Chica. Chica still appears to be missing as of the following morning.

"I will give anyone who finds my dog Chica in Bel Air, L.A.  Encino area  10 thousand dollars," Brandi writes. "Please please. She has a collar  call me!"

We can imagine this is difficult for her, since losing a pet is quite painful.

Making matters worse is that Brandi believes Chica may have been stolen by someone who broke into her home.

"My house was broken into  one of my dogs is missing," she says. "People are calling pretending to have her. This is devastating  I will pay money give her back."

Chica is "a little brown [chihuahua] mix," Brandi points out. "My boys will be devastated."

We certainly haven't seen Brandi's dogs on the show as much as we've seen a certain other dog (*cough* Giggy), but we did get to see them when Lisa Vanderpump visits Brandi's home in Season 3.

Let's hope Chica gets found very soon!

Source: Twitter