Credit: Brandi Glanville on Twitter Photo: Brandi Glanville's New Dog, Chody

If Brandi Glanville's missing dog, Chica, returns to her Beverly Hills home and sees that Brandi has been getting cozy with a new canine, the Housewife might have some 'splaining to do!

Brandi took to Twitter to announce that she has gotten a new dog for the time being, whom she named Chico.

Her son Mason had other ideas, however, naming the dog Chody. (Whether or not the kid has read the NSFW Urban Dictionary definition of "chody" is unclear.)

In any case, Brandi writes that Chody is a "new family member" that the fam will have "until Chica comes back."

But wait, what will happen to Chody then? Is he someone else's pup, someone for whom the Glanville clan are pet-sitting? Or is Chody just a temporary replacement?

In case you missed it, Brandi tweeted on June 7 that her house was invaded and that Chica was nowhere to be found. She has an answering service taking calls to the phone number listed on Chica's tag and is offering a $10,000 reward for the Chihuahua mix's safe return.

(For the record, Brandi's fellow Housewife Taylor Armstrong believes the whole saga to be a publicity stunt.)

Given the lengths to which Brandi is going to find Chica, we doubt she'd set Chody loose on the mean streets of Bel Air. We're assuming (and hoping) there's a loving family waiting for Chody once Chica is found.

Source: Brandi Glanville on Twitter 

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