Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been on edge lately since last week's break-in, not that we blame her.

Brandi's brown chihuahua Chica is sadly still missing after disappearing last week, following Brandi's home having been broken into.

Brandi says that cops are continuing to treat the missing dog as a burglary and have been dusting her home for fingerprints.

Given all the stress that she is under, Brandi sounds especially concerned about protecting her home these days.

She wrote on Twitter on June 13 that she recently heard a noise in her home, and she wasn't taking any chances.

"Just heard a loud noise  walking through my house with a kitchen knife," Brandi writes. "Very sharp."

"I will cut a bitch," she adds. "Alarm didn't go off and dogs aren't barkin'."

Wow. Be careful, girl! Then again, Brandi is one person whom we wouldn't worry about being able to handle herself, even if she does bring a knife to a gun fight (so to speak).

Last week's stolen dog incident has led to a slew of controversy, with Real Housewives' star Taylor Armstrong suggesting it's a "publicity stunt," while Brandi has been cussing out a neighbor who took down her missing dog signs.

We're wishing Brandi the best and hoping Chica comes home very soon. Stay safe, B!

Source: Twitter