With the ladies back in Orange County after a raucous trip to Mexico for Tamra Barney’s bachelorette party, you’d think there’d be a break from the drama. But you couldn’t be more wrong!

So what can viewers expect from Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 12? Here’s a roundup of the spoilers we’ve seen so far:

Gretchen Pulls the Selfish Card

The Housewives get together for a sexy salsa party hosted by Lydia McLaughlin. While the intent is to loosen everyone up, Gretchen Rossi gets worked up when she hears Alexis Bellino has been invited to go wedding dress shopping with Tamra and the gang. Gretchen doesn’t understand why Tamra would invite someone who’s been so negative toward her on such an intimate excursion, but Tamra insists she’s buried the hatchet with Alexis. When Gretchen threatens to bail on the outing, Tamra gets pissed off.

Credit: Bravo Photo: Gretchen Doesn't Want to Go Dress Shopping With Alexis in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 12

Ryan Leaves His Wife and Newborn Son For Afghanistan

Briana and Ryan Culberson welcomed son Troy a mere few months ago, but Ryan must prepare for deployment to Afghanistan for his fifth tour of duty. He made it back from his last assignment unscathed, but Briana and Vicki Gunvalson are extra frightened this time around, especially now that Troy is in the picture. Vicki admits she now understands why Briana and Ryan eloped last year, and hopes her grandson will have a father to rely on when he grows up.

Credit: Bravo Photo: Vicki and Briana Give Ryan a Tearful Goodboye in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 12

Brooks Still Cares For Vicki — But Who Else Is He Dating?

At Lydia’s salsa party, Vicki gets a huge surprise when Brooks Ayers shows up bearing flowers. She’s uncertain about where they stand in the relationship, but lets him stay. While Vicki and Brooks settle in to the party, Tamra and Lauri Peterson observe from afar with judgement in their eyes. Then Lauri drops a bombshell: Brooks has apparently been dating a stripper/porn star, in addition to pursuing Vicki! With this new knowledge, Tamra feels her initial instincts about Brooks being untrustworthy are totally vindicated.

Credit: Bravo Photo: Brooks Ayers Dating Vicki Gunvalson (and a Porn Star) in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 12