Real Housewives of Orange County has Lauri Peterson to thank in part for turning up the drama in Season 8. But the returning Housewife says it wasn’t her intention to stir up trouble with Vicki Gunvalson.

“My mission wasn’t to target Vicki at all,” Lauri told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. “I don’t have hatred toward her. It just fell in my lap.”

According to Lauri, her decision to take part in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 was mostly due to boredom on the home front.

“I have more time on my hands,” said Lauri Peterson. “The seven kids have all grown up and flown the coop, and it’s nice to have adult socialization. It just felt good.”

If screaming matches and tense dinners count as “adult socialization,” consider Lauri’s mission accomplished. But Lauri didn’t just return to RHOC on a sheer whim — it also took some courting from Real Housewives mastermind Andy Cohen.

“In fairness to Lauri, I should tell you I feel like almost every season I’ve called you at the end and said, ‘Would you come back next year?’” Andy confessed. “I’ve always wanted you back.”

Lauri added, “I say this season, this one’s for Andy, because honestly if it wasn't for you I’d still be at home, at peace.”

We’d have a hard time saying no to Andy Cohen, too!

Source: Bravo