It was an awkward lunch when Alexis Bellino sat down with Gretchen Rossi in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 16. The Swarovski-crystal-Bible-loving Housewife wanted to  “come to lunch and hug and make up” with her former friend, but they were both too upset about the past.

For Gretchen’s part, she pointed out that Alexis didn’t reach out when Slade Smiley’s son Grayson was ill in the hospital. While Alexis admitted she should’ve texted or called Gretchen, she said she did tweet about Grayson and prayed “nonstop.” In Gretchen’s opinion, Alexis only tweeted because it made her look good.

As an explanation, Alexis said she was still upset about the Costa Rica trip from last year. “I had no one,” said Alexis, dabbing at tears. As Gretchen looked at her former friend dispassionately, Alexis realized, “Our friendship will probably never be the same again.”

Credit: Bravo Photo: Alexis and Gretchen Face Off in Real Housewives of OC Season 8, Episode 16