Both Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin have been on the receiving end of insults from Slade Smiley. The Real Housewives of Orange County stars have been repeatedly hurt by his comments about their looks, and they finally confronted him at Vicki’s Winter Wonderland party in the Season 8 finale.

On Watch What Happens Live following the show, Alexis Bellino addressed Slade’s terrible behavior toward women.

“I don’t know that it’s to all women. It just seems to be to [this] group of women. He’s never been rude to me personally, other than things he’s said on his radio show that involved me. I think that he just... I don’t know if he wants the camera time or what it is, but he definitely goes after this group of girls.”

Do you think there’s a motive behind Slade’s rude comments, or he is really just a mean girl guy?

Credit: Bravo Photo: Alexis Bellino Dissects Slade Smiley's Behavior on Watch What Happens Live (VIDEO)