We haven’t seen Peggy Tanous on Real Housewives of Orange County since Season 7, but that doesn’t mean the former cast member doesn’t check up on the ladies every once in a while. For example, she tuned in for the Season 8 finale — and she wasn’t exactly impressed by what she saw.  

Peggy was shocked by one specific altercation in the episode. When Lydia McLaughlin’s fairy dust-loving mother decided to take a breather during Vicki Gunvalson’s Winter Wonderland party, the Housewife’s son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, was furious. A visibly upset Judy told Vicki she’d been yelled at, but Briana’s husband didn’t back down.

“I don’t care whose mom it is!” Ryan told Vicki. “I’m going throw her ass out! I’m not f**king around! [...] She was a bitch!”

Watched a few min. of #rhoc last nt & Briana's husband was so out of line and disrespectful. #classless #whitetrash #anger #dyingfortvtime,” Peggy tweeted.

For her part, Lydia wrote in her Bravo blog that she was “traumatized and in tears” after the incident. “I left her alone for two minutes only to find that she was being verbally assaulted and getting kicked out.”

We’re guessing after witnessing what she’s been missing, Peggy has no regrets about her decision to leave the show.

Source: Twitter

Credit: Bravo Photo: Ryan Throws Lydia’s Mom Out of the House in the Real Housewives of OC Season 8 Finale