Brandi Glanville has slammed one of her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars as "evil"  but it might not be the Housewife you think.

Brandi has been on the outs lately with former bestie Lisa Vanderpump, and she took some flak when she recently tweeted that someone on the show is "evil." 

When a Twitter follower tweeted Brandi about being excited to meet the show's two new cast members, Brandi responded on October 17, "Make new friends but keep the old — one is evil, & the other's gold." Harsh!

Credit: Twitter

Some of Brandi's followers immediately assumed that Brandi was calling out Lisa, but Brandi set the record straight.

"I've NEVER said @LisaVanderpump is evil in my life. I was talking about @joyce whatever her name is," Brandi says, clearly referring to new castmate Joyce Giraud. However, Brandi didn't use Joyce's actual Twitter handle, so she actually tagged an innocent Joyce.

It's interesting that Brandi and Joyce Giraud apparently are having issues, since Kyle Richards — who is now pals with Brandi — has made it appear that she herself feels quite close to Joyce. 

We can't wait to see what transpires between Brandi and Joyce when the season premieres next month!

Source: Twitter