Credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

Prepare to see Lisa Vanderpump show off her fancy footwork on tonight's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 premiere. Then again, we're not sure quite how fancy it's going to be.

In a video preview clip from tonight's premiere, we see Lisa rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars with her sexy partner Gleb.

"I've been asked to be on DWTS," she tells us. "I think, 'Well, they obviously haven't seen me dance  it'll probably be more like, Dancing on My Ass.'" We love how self-deprecating she is!

Gleb tries to do a sexy move where his hand is on her pelvis, and she quips, "Oh, god  my family are gonna be watching!"

Then, Lisa tells us, "I begged DWTS for a gay dance partner  it would make my life so much easier. If I've got to wrap my legs around somebody, please help me, god, he's gay."

Instead, she got Gleb. "And in walks Gleb, this straight hunk of burning love," she continues.

"It is a little bit strange for me, being so physically entwined with somebody other than my husband," Lisa says. "But I'm not complaining  I'm getting used to it real quick."

We bet she is. Let's just hope Ken Todd isn't watching!

Source: Bravo