Credit: Courtesy of Bravo Photo: Carlton Gebbia's Beverly Hills Mansion

Most of the allure of watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (besides the crazy drama, that is) is getting the chance to ogle all the things that we’ll never be able to afford. On top of sky-high Louboutins and piles of Chanel bags, the ladies all have jaw-dropping homes that the rest of us could only dream of owning!

Teaming up with, new housewife Carlton Gebbia is granting us a peek inside her gothic-inspired mansion. The medieval-like structure, with it’s rubbed-gold ceilings and steel chandeliers, is certainly one of the most unique homes in 90210.

Upon entering, a guest is sure to be taken aback by the sweeping spiral staircase and mosaic cross designs on the floor. The master bedroom boasts a custom-made bed and massive bathroom with (what else?) an infinity Jacuzzi tub.

Further down the house, you’ll found a bar room with blood red walls, in which the Gebbias throw parties all throughout the year. The bar features cozy leather chairs and hand-carved stools, as well as its own confessional for the repentance of drunken debauchery. 

While crosses are featured prominently throughout the Gebbia home, you’ll also find dragon accents sprinkled all around. Carlton lights her home with a very specific kind of candle which she uses to practice light magic on top of setting the mood. 

Watch the video below to get an inside look at Carlton’s gothic home!