There was a lot of discussion of hair this week on the Season 4 premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now, Brandi Glanville is revealing which ladies wear extensions and which don't  and you might be surprised by what she says!

Seemingly out of nowhere, Brandi took to Twitter on November 5 to give a head count on who wears extensions and whose hair is just their own.

"On our show, the only people without extensions [are] @KimRichards11 @KyleRichards18 and one of the new gals. #fact," she writes.

Interesting. And many of Brandi's Twitter followers were kinda shocked at the implication that Lisa Vanderpump has extensions. 

And so Brandi tweeted this follow-up: "Yes, we all do otherwise." There you go.

So are you surprised that Brandi would reveal this about herself and her co-stars? And do you think it's rude for Brandi to divulge about other people's extensions? 

And by the way, what's up with Brandi not knowing the name of the "new gal" whom she's referring to? Well, given that she doesn't use her actual name, we're guessing Brandi might be referring to Joyce Giraud, since Brandi and Joyce have been feuding quite a bit on Twitter lately. 

Indeed, there was a lot of hair talk on the episode this week, with Yolanda Foster somewhat derisively referring to Kyle Richards and Joyce Giraud by the fact that they have good hair. 

So are you surprised by who has extensions? Or do you think Brandi might not have the correct info on this?

Source: Twitter