The only tough thing about choosing the 10 craziest quotes from any given episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is narrowing it down to just 10! Here are our picks for the best quotes from this week’s episode, Season 4, Episode 3: "Life's a Witch."

10. It's easy to see what Yolanda is trying to say.

Yolanda Foster [about Lisa and Gleb]: "You were having a hard time, and he had a hard-on."

9. Carlton knows.

Carlton Gebbia [about Kyle]: "I know how that s—t works. I've known girls like you."

8. And here we thought their relationship was just about talking.

Brandi Glanville [about making up with JR]: "So then he comes back… for the sex."

7. Lisa isn't a fan of subtlety.

Lisa Vanderpump [about Kyle]: "Carlton didn’t want to play queen bitch, so she left it for somebody else."

6. Sounds ominous.

Carlton Gebbia [about practicing the dark arts]: "Not again."

5. On this show? Yep, it's too much to ask.

Lisa Vanderpump: "You think maybe your friends would be supportive, or would be that too much to ask?"

4. Does she know this from experience?

Elizy [about moving the table with Carlton]: "It’s like two monkeys trying to hump a football."

3. Only Brandi could turn the "c-word" into a compliment.

Brandi Glanville [to Carlton]: "You’re, like, a good 'ct.'"

2. Uh, you kinda just did tell people.

Carlton Gebbia: "My husband’s hung like a fking donkey, but I do not go around telling people that."

1. Hide the brooms.

Lisa Vanderpump: "There are a couple of witches in our group, but I don't think Carlton's one of them."