Brandi Glanville and new cast member Carlton Gebbia have definitely been bonding so far on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season  in more ways than one. So did they take things too far?

The two get quite comfortable on last night's episode when Brandi grabs Carlton's boob, and we learn in a promo for next week's episode that Brandi and Carlton will be sharing a smooch. Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

So should their make-out sesh be cause for concern, especially for Carlton's husband, David? Some of Brandi's Twitter followers seem to think so.

After seeing the promo, one person tweeted about Brandi: "If you hook up with a married woman, does that make the woman's husband a victim?"

And then another fan of the show followed up with, "Don't that make you a wife stealer, a cheat, and possibly a home wrecker? What about the kids and rumors at school?" Yikes.

But Brandi disagrees with the notion that her kiss with Carlton was at all destructive. "First off, it was just a kiss, and @CarltonGebbia13 husband watched and liked  all very innocent," Brandi tweets on November 25. Sounds good to us.

Do you think Brandi is right about the kiss being innocent? Or do you think it's inappropriate, given that Carlton is married?

Source: Twitter