Kim Richards's daughter Kimberly had a big day on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she graduated from high school. So what is Kimberly up to these days?

During the episode, Kim gets emotional when she watches the big milestone in daughter Kimberly's life, especially since Kim herself never got to go to college. Now, Kimberly is a freshman in college and is thriving at school. And as you might guess, Kim is happy to have her somewhat close to home.

"When I saw Kyle talking with her girls about where Alexia should go to schools, I had a flashback to last year with my kids when we had the very same conversation with Kimberly," Kim writes in her Bravo blog. "My oldest daughters were encouraging her to go out of state and experience a new city, while I sat there and encouraged her to stay in California. I didn’t know how I would handle her moving somewhere far way."

"I totally understood what my sister was saying," Kim continues. "Kimberly got accepted to colleges far away in Oregon and even Boston  and I couldn’t be happier that she chose to stay in state and is just a train ride away. Our family is so close, and I would love to see our daughters get to go to school close to each other."

Source: Bravo