Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio continue to deal with the rumors about his alleged infidelity on last night's episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Kyle says now that she doesn't appreciate what Lisa said in the episode about her marriage.

"After last week, I really was at a loss as to how I could move forward with Lisa and Brandi [Glanville]," Kyle writes in her Bravo blog. "Then, after seeing this week's episode, it makes it even more difficult. Lisa brings up the tabloids once again and so clearly wants to cast doubt on my marriage and Mauricio's integrity while pretending to be supportive."

"You aren't being supportive if you're saying 'Well, I don't know for sure' and putting that out there," Kyle says.

However, Kyle is very grateful for what Ken tells Lisa about how he doesn't believe the rumors at all. "I am very appreciative of Ken speaking up to Lisa and saying he knows it's not true because he knows Mauricio and considers him a friend," Kyle writes. "It looked to me like Lisa wasn't too happy with Ken not going along with what she was saying."

Kyle is also proud of Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberly, who graduated from high school during the episode. "As mothers, we don't want them to leave us and their home; however, it is a huge accomplishment on both daughter and mother's parts," Kyle says. "Kim is an amazing mom, and I am so proud of her and Kimberly."

Do you agree that Lisa isn't doing enough to support Kyle amid the rumors?

Source: Kyle's Bravo blog