We've seen Kim Richards find the path to sobriety on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thus far. But does she think that being on the show makes it easier or harder for her to stay sober?

Kim appears on Watch What Happens Live this week and is asked how the season has been going for her.

"I'm feeling great about it," Kim says. "I think that it's another great season for me. Last year was a good one, and I'm having fun this season as well."

Andy Cohen asks what role the show plays in her sobriety. "I feel like  thanks to all of the fans out there that look up to me, that are following my sobriety  I have a lot of people that are holding me accountable, and it's helping me a lot."

"I love doing this show, and I love all the people [who watch], and I love when I walk down the street and people come up to me and say, 'Because of you, today I am sober. Thank you so much,'" Kim says. "And when I pop onto Twitter and people say that they're sober today because of me, and when they have a question, like, 'Today, I'm having a difficult time,' and I respond to them, I think that it's helped me a lot keeping my sobriety today."

That's great to hear! Keep it up, Kim!

Are you surprised that the show helps Kim stay sober?