It was very sweet to see Yolanda Foster's husband David get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, with Lisa Vanderpump  among other Housewives  there to support him. But Yolanda has some not-so-sweet things to say about Lisa.

Yolanda and Lisa are rumored to have a dramatic falling out later this season on the show, and now Yolanda is critical of Lisa's scene with her daughter, Pandora, and son-in-law, Jason. "I was surprised by the lack of support for Pandora's husband Jason’s possible move to NY," Yolanda wrotes. "Despite the distance, wouldn't they want their daughter to have a husband that is self-sufficient and out in the world making a name for himself?"

"Selfishly, we all want our children to stay close but that’s just not reality," she continues. "Expecting a guy with such great education to stay around to sell toilet paper just to keep their daughter close to home seems like a sign of entitlement... Maybe a little presumptuous, if you ask me." Yikes!

And that's not the only harsh sentiment she has about Lisa. "Sorry Lisa, but neither Giggy, you, or I will ever be considered for a star or nominated for being a Beverly Hills housewife," Yolanda writes.

Is Yolanda being to hard on Lisa and husband Ken for wanting Pandora to stay in L.A.?

Source: Yolanda's Bravo blog