There had been some rumors swirling that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might be in danger of getting canceled, since the ratings not quite as sky-high as they once were. So are the show's days numbered?

Joyce Giraud was recently asked by Steppin' Out if there were any Housewives whom she wouldn't hang out with anymore if the show were to get canceled. "Some of the girls that I thought I would like, like Brandi [Glanville], I don’t like at all," Joyce says. "If the show was canceled, people like Brandi 100% [I wouldn't hang with]." 

So when this story got posted on Twitter, some fans of the show expressed their concern that the show really might indeed be getting canceled. One fan tweets, "So sad that the concept of canceling #RHOBH is even being discussed. Used to be a great show."

But then Andy Cohen intervened to put these rumors to bed. "There is exactly no one discussing this concept!" Andy tweets.

Phew! Indeed, we can't really imagine a world without RHoBH. But it should be noted that no episode this season has yet to have more than two million viewers, whereas almost every episode last season had more than two million. Still, 1.62 million people watched the show two weeks ago, while 1.9 million people watched this week's, so clearly interest is building among viewers this season.

Do you think RHoBH will be canceled after this season? And what changes should the show make to get its ratings back up?

Source: Twitter, Steppin' Out via All About TRH