Credit: IMAGE and IMAGEN Magazines

Saying that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud is frequently on the covers of magazines is like saying that there are frequent arguments on RHoBH. In other words, it's a colossal understatement. Still, we're thrilled for Joyce about each cover that she gets  and now she just nabbed two more!

The stunning model/actress is on the cover of both IMAGE and IMAGEN magazines this month, and she looks dynamite on both. The IMAGE cover is a close-up of her face with a beautiful landscape behind her. Meanwhile, the IMAGEN cover features a full-body shot with Joyce in a gorgeous, shimmering gown.

"The December issue of IMAGE magazine spotlights celebrity Joyce Giraud, telling readers how Joyce's outer beauty is matched only by her inner beauty and her passion for life and for her philanthropies," says IAMGE's editor. "Joyce empowers women worldwide... and to see why... read the cover story." Well said!

If you thought you had just read about Joyce landing on a magazine cover, you're not mistaken. In the past two months alone, she has graced the covers of ¡HOLA! Puerto Rico, M Magazine, and Selecta. Way to go, Joyce!

Do you prefer Joyce's look on IMAGE or IMAGEN?