There's no question whose side Wendy Williams is on in the Kyle Richards-Lisa Vanderpump spat on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kyle appeared on Wendy's talk show this week, where Wendy asked her about her drama with Lisa. "Vanderpump has never come off meaner than this season," Wendy tells Kyle. "Lisa Vanderpump is the original mean girl — I had no idea."

"And she couches it with that British accent, so we give her a pass," Wendy continues. "And I love Vanderpump, but I see through the TV what's going on."

Kyle agrees. "It's been rough," Kyle says. "These are things I've seen before — I don't think the audience has — but it definitely gets softened with an English accent. Everything's better with an English accent."

Wendy then weighs in on Lisa's fainting controversy. "You and I both agree, by the way, that she faked the fainting on Dancing with the Stars," Wendy says about Lisa. "It was a really beautiful faint," Kyle concurs.

Then, Wendy asks Kyle if she can forgive Lisa for bringing up Mauricio's alleged cheating rumors in front of their daughter Portia, and Kyle says bluntly, "No." Then, Kyle softens a bit when asked if she could forgive eventually, saying, "Yeah, I actually forgive a lot and move on."

Do you think Wendy is too harsh on Lisa, or do you agree with her?

SourceWendy Williams on YouTube