Talk about out of control! We love how many crazy moments The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills manages to pack into one episode, whether it's Kim Richards and her daughter discussing vibrators, or a retail person analyzing Kyle Richards's butt. Here are our picks for the top five most ridiculous moments from Season 4, Episode 6: "Palm Springs Breakers."

5. Brandi lets the world know that she likes to get choked.

We really shouldn't be surprised by anything Brandi Glanville does or says. Still, we couldn't help but be a little taken aback by how frank Brandi gets about her bedroom habits, including how she likes to be choked. Given that Brandi was so bothered by her kids hearing her called a bully recently, you'd think she'd be sensitive about her kids hearing about this sort of thing as well.

4. Carlton has a list for Kyle.

How do I love hate thee? Let me count the ways. At least, that appeared to be Carlton Gebbia's attitude when she presented Kyle with a lengthy lists of ways that Kyle had apparently pissed her off. And after the way that Kyle left abruptly at the end of this chat, we're guessing Carlton has something new to add to the list.

3. Brandi calls Joyce the wrong name, oh, about 10 million times.

Do the women on this show need to start wearing name tags? You might think so, after Brandi repeatedly refers to Joyce Giraud as "Jacqueline," leading to a discussion of bullying. And when Joyce tells Brandi she can always change her own name if she wants, Brandi inexplicably tells her to "shut the fk up." How Joyce manages to remain so calm, we'll never know.

2. Yolanda and Kyle do battle — and Brandi calls Kyle a "crazy asshole."

Certainly, there is a better time for Yolanda Foster and Kyle to hash out their issues than at the middle of a heated dinner party  and when the ladies had all been drinking, no less. Alas, it still happens. So after things get tense when Yolanda calls Kyle out for shaking her head and calls out Joyce for getting involved, Brandi speaks up and calls Kyle a "crazy asshole." Thanks for your input, Brandi.

1. Brandi calls Joyce a "black person" for not going swimming. Sigh.

And here we have it: The one moment on the show that really, really shouldn't have happened. After Yolanda gives Joyce a hard time for not swimming at a pool party that she's hosting, Brandi inexplicably brings race into the situation, saying that Joyce isn't swimming because she's "a black person." Brandi also makes a joke about black women wearing weaves. Oh, Brandi.